DBD::MySQL und Mac OS X 10.3

DBD::MySQL verweigert die Installation unter OS X 10.3. Zum Glück weiß Edward Moy Rat:

We recently discovered the DBD::mysql problem as well. The patch is to edit /System/Library/Perl/5.8.1/darwin-thread-multi-2level/Config.pm, replacing:




Unfortunately, this change is too late to get into Panther. To install after applying the change:

perl Makefile.PL --testdb=test --testuser=username --testpassword=user_password --testhost=localhost

run the Makefile.PL script. If you're smart, your mysql doesn't allow anonymous access, so you'll need to specify the username and password for the test scripts to use, with --username and --password. The --testhost argument is optional, if you're hooking up to mysql on your own workstation. If you're testing with a remote server, you'll need to set the server's hostname there.

make make test

I had three testing errors related to admin functions, but it was only because the username I specified for the tests didn't have full admin privileges. If you get the same errors and you think it's for the same reason, just ignore it.

sudo make install

That's the last step. DBD::mysql is now installed.