Risikoabschätzung und Sozialkompetenz

Die meisten Menschen lernen schon im Kindergarten, dass die Äußerung Ihr kriegt mich gar nicht! mit einem gewissen Risiko verbunden ist. Anderen muss man den Zusammenhang noch im Erwachsenenalter erklären:

Following that, there are a number of examples where antagonizing the population of would be attackers at large can serve as a motivation for them to expend the time necessary to find a way into a system. For example, claiming publicly that something is unhackable is usually a good way to find out that it is. Making unnecessary statements of bravado, statements potentially divorced from reality, changes the equation for an attacker, it suddenly makes compromising your environment worth more of his or her time.

Put another way, thumbing your nose at an entire world’s population of crackers is usually a lousy idea.