Schade, dass ich mit Danah I-work-roughly-100-hours-a-week Boyd weder beruflich noch privat Umgang pflege. Ich würde zu gern in ihre Urlaubsvorbereitungen einbezogen:

I decided to start taking email sabbaticals as a systematic and respectful way of publicly communicating my boundaries. Six months before vacation, I let close collaborators and colleagues know that I intend to be wholly offline during a set of collectively known dates. A month before I leave, I write out to everyone that I work with to make sure that we all know what I need to accomplish before I leave and make sure that we have a check list to get it all done. I also publicly blog that I will be departing, letting everyone else know that they should get in touch if they’re going to need something from me. A week before, I message out again warning people. In this way, I systematically make sure that I take care of others’ needs before I depart. Communication is key to an email sabbatical. Disappearing without properly making certain that everyone has what they need is irresponsible and disrespectful.

Zu den bedauerlichen Folgen der Französischen Revolution zählt wohl auch die Verbreitung eines gewissen Selbstbildes bis in die bürgerlichen Schichten.