Cory Doctorow sorgt sich um seine maßgeschneiderte Arbeitsumgebung –

I have loads of little scripts, programs, systems, files and such that make perfect sense to me, even though they're far from elegant or perfect. There's the script I use for resizing and uploading images to Boing Boing, the shelf I use to organise my to-be-read pile, the carefully-built mail rules that filter out spam and trolls and make sure I see the important stuff. I am a market of one: no one wants to make a commercial proposition out of filling my needs, and if they did, your average curator would be nuts to put something so tightly optimised for my needs into the public sphere, where it would be so much clutter. But again, these are the nuts and bolts that hold my life together and I can't live without them.

– die sich auf geschlossenen Plattformen wie dem iPad nicht replizieren lässt. Was soll ich sagen – get a Mac! In ~/Library/Scripts habe ich eine Menge Skripte versammelt, deren mangelnde Eleganz sich sehen lassen kann.