Nicht nur die Politik investiert erhebliche Mengen politisches und ökonomisches Kapital in die Illusion von Sicherheit. Beim Thema Vertraulichkeit setzen moderne Hacker allerdings nicht mehr auf die traditionelle Paranoia

For a sender and recipient to communicate securely using conventional encryption, they must agree upon a key and keep it secret between themselves. If they are in different physical locations, they must trust a courier, the Bat Phone, or some other secure communication medium to prevent the disclosure of the secret key during transmission. Anyone who overhears or intercepts the key in transit can later read, modify, and forge all information encrypted or authenticated with that key. From DES to Captain Midnight's Secret Decoder Ring, the persistent problem with conventional encryption is key distribution: how do you get the key to the recipient without someone intercepting it?

– sondern auf eine Mischung aus Dropbox, Hazel, Leichtsinn und Umständlichkeit:

Like anything that touches an open network – and most especially anything that touches email – it’s a solution that’s far from perfect. But, to my mind, it feels a little safer than crap like sending plaintext via email.