Seidig eingesponnen

Nachdem die Browserkriege monatelang auf Nebenschauplätzen ausgefochten wurden, tritt endlich ein Schwergewicht an die Seite der kleinen Opera Software ASA:

Amazon Silk optimizes and accelerates the delivery of web content by using Amazon’s cloud computing services. Therefore, like most Internet service providers and similar services that enable you to access the Web, the content of web pages you visit using Amazon Silk passes through our servers and may be cached to improve performance on subsequent page loads.

Amazon Silk also temporarily logs web addresses – known as uniform resource locators (“URLs”) – for the web pages it serves and certain identifiers, such as IP or MAC addresses, to troubleshoot and diagnose Amazon Silk technical issues. We generally do not keep this information for longer than 30 days.

Ob man Amazon Silk mit Opera Turbo kombinieren kann, damit auch die norwegischen Innovatoren ein Stück vom Datenkuchen bekommen?