Lukas Mathis:

This is a sentiment you often hear from people: casual users only need entry-level devices. Even casual users themselves perpetuate it: Oh, I’m not doing much on my computer, so I always just go with the cheapest option. And then they buy a horrid, underpowered netbook, find out that it has a tiny screen, is incredibly slow, the keyboard sucks, and they either never actually use it, or eventually come to the conclusion that they just hate computers.

In reality, it’s exactly backwards: proficient users can deal with a crappy computer, but casual users need as good a computer as possible.

Schlechte Erfahrungen haben meine nähere Umgebung in den letzten 15 Jahren allerdings nicht davon abgehalten, regelmäßig neue Billigrechner zu kaufen und auf magischen Support zu hoffen.