Papier- und verantwortungslos

Schlimmer noch als Scoccas Tiraden ist die Gleichgültigkeit, die verdienter Software und solider Büroausstattung in gewissen Kreisen mittlerweile entgegengebracht wird:

A word-processing application was necessary back when printing was a daily activity. Heck, we'd print all kinds of ridiculous things in the '90s: résumés, term papers, holiday letters, dungeon master's character sheets ... uh, I mean, résumés. Résumés.


But eventually I, like many others, simply stopped needing to print. Everything I wrote I transmitted electronically or put on a webpage. And really, good riddance to printing. Printing is horrible. Printers are horrible. Printing software is what people in Dante's Ninth circle of Hell are condemned to use over and over. A pox on you if you ask me to print something these days; a plague on you and your house if you ask me to fax something. A good text editor – BBEdit, or any of the dozens of excellent Dropbox and iCloud-based iOS editors – is now my writing tool of choice. Memorize a few pieces of Markdown syntax and kiss a word processor goodbye.

Wo soll das alles enden? Ewig können deutsche Verwaltungen die Digitalisierung in anderen Bereichen schließlich nicht ausgleichen.