Pferde und Faxe

Simon Dudley führt Solow's Paradox auf die Trägheit der Menschen zurück:

With the every-quickening rate of change offered by the Internet, it is sensible to assume that 15 years from now we may see some more profound changes, on the order of those enjoyed across society in past periods of innovation. That is, of course, if we take advantage of the new technological changes available to us. Right now, we are not. People are afraid of rapid change, and when technological change happens faster than the investment cycle for a technology, major problems can happen. People will dig in their heels as a reaction to the newness of innovation. They will stick to old familiar processes, even when the new ones are faster, easier and more efficient. That’s the equivalent of driving a horse-drawn carriage on the freeway.

Das klingt milde optimistisch, denn tatsächlich hat die Zahl der Pferdekutschen in den letzten Jahren spürbar abgenommen. Andererseits betrachtete die Bundesnetzagentur vor wenigen Wochen noch die Bekämpfung von Fax-Spam als pressemitteilungswürdiges Thema.