Private Pass Key Phrase

Die App Peerio soll die sichere Kommunikation revolutionieren, indem sie die wesentlichen Vorteile privater Schl├╝ssel zu Gunsten der Unbequemlichkeit langer und komplexer Passw├Ârter aufgibt:

One of Peerio's major conveniences compared to PGP is how it handles so-called "private keys," a user's unique decryption key. Using PGP securely requires keeping that precious file within reach to decrypt incoming files, while safeguarding it to prevent snoops from finding it. Instead of dealing with key storage, Peerio generates a user's private key from his or her passphrase every time he or she logs in. When the app is closed, the key evaporates too. That means, in theory, that a user could log into Peerio on any machine and access his or her encrypted files without worrying about moving around or protecting that private key.

The drawback of that approach is that anyone who figures out a Peerio user's password could also potentially generate his or her key and use it to decrypt private messages. But Kobeissi says he's designed Peerio to require a passphrase that's nearly impossible to crack, one as long as 30 characters or with many randomly chosen numbers and characters.