Dan Moren würde – anders als sein Mitblogger Jason Snell – eine DVD-Sammlung gegen DRM-geschützte Dateien eintauschen:

While I’m pipe dreaming, it’d be swell if those digital versions were unencumbered by Digital Rights Management, but even that’s not a dealbreaker, as long as it’s easy to get it on all my devices.

A few of the studios have flirted with including vouchers for iTunes copies of their movies when you buy the DVD, which is fine and dandy, but I’m not even interested in owning more discs at this point. I’d be thrilled to get rid of the ones I have, but the idea of ripping my 100-odd DVDs to my computer makes a trip to the dentist sound appealing.

Nicht nur Cloud-Anbieterinnen können sich also darauf verlassen, dass Bequemlichkeit bei vielen Kundinnen fast alle anderen Erwägungen übersteuert.