Auch Menschen ohne VWL-Studium können die Effekte der Industrie 4.0 sehr präzise in Worte fassen:

I work at a disposable razor factory. We used to have seven hundred workers. There were lines of people down conveyor belts. Now there’s only four hundred left, and most of those are just temporary. Machines do everything now. Anything that required hands, at least. We used to look at the razors through microscopes– trying to find imperfections. Now the computer just takes a picture. Even the forklifts drive themselves. Soon there will be nobody left. People are just too expensive. You can’t stop it. I tried my own little protest for a while. I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy any of the cheap stuff from Wal-Mart. But that didn’t last long. I couldn’t afford anything else.

Die populäre Flucht in Xenophobie und Abschottung und selbst der bewährte Sexismus werden die robotischen Kolleginnen kaum aufhalten.