Seit einigen Jahren entscheiden Microsoft und Google, wie eine legitime E-Mail aussehen muss. Obwohl ich mich selbstverständlich stets um Legitimität bemühe, käme ich nicht auf die Idee, ausgerechnet ein Gmail-Postfach hinter meinem Mailserver zu platzieren, anders als die risikofreudige Techdirt-Redaktion:

So... for many, many, many, many years, we've used Gmail as our office email system, not through a Workspace account, but via our mail server forwarding to Gmail, and using Gmail with an alias to act as if it's our email.

A few months back I started noticing I wasn't getting emails. They weren't going to spam. They just weren't arriving. I'd usually learn of these on multi-person emails, where someone else would respond and I'd see the original...

This issue has been getting worse, and over the last few weeks I've realized that a lot of email, often important email, just was never arriving, and no notification was being sent back to the originator to know their email wasn't arriving.

Finally asked the folks who manage our email server and they said "oh yeah, Gmail just rejects a ton of email, you shouldn't forward to Gmail any more."

I'm sure there's a reason Google does this, but... kinda sucks?